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About​ Us

Dalton Learning Lab is a joint venture between Outblaze and the two Dalton School co-founders who set up the playgroup, kindergarten and primary school in Hong Kong using the famed Dalton plan. Founded in 2017, the Lab offers after-school educational courses in a variety of Science, Technology Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) for children aged 4-13, with an emphasis on fostering divergent thinking and developing useful, future-ready skills applicable to the real world. All courses at the Dalton Learning Lab are taught by real professionals under the guidance of professional educators.


The Dalton Learning Lab was conceived by Yat Siu, the renowned tech entrepreneur who is CEO and founder of Outblaze and several other innovative technology companies. As the father of three children and a frequent speaker at parenting, education and tech conferences, Yat observed a gap between what children are taught in Hong Kong schools and the pressing needs of our technology-dominant future.


Yat was chiefly concerned with the low priority placed on divergent thinking (for a summary of the problem see here). He realized that the traits of most successful entrepreneurs, innovators and “future ready” people - like curiosity, creativity, nonconformity, risk tolerance - are best fostered by an approach that includes a strong component of divergent thinking. He noted, however, that Hong Kong schools heavily emphasize old-fashioned and uninspiring techniques like book-learning and rote memorization.

Yat Siu
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