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Digital Music

“In terms of brain development, musical performance is every bit as important educationally as reading or writing.”

- Oliver Sacks


The benefits of music, in non-traditional music courses

The documented benefits of music learning are various: improved academic performance, confidence, ability to concentrate, etc. Even more importantly, music is a powerful way to stimulate and express creativity. The guitar is the world’s most popular instrument and we teach students how to unlock its potential using the latest technology including music creation and chord recognition software. Ukulele instruction also available.

Our music courses bring the benefits of music learning to children in a decidedly non-traditional, fun, and digitally literate manner. Ideal particularly for kids who dislike tedious practice sessions.

Music Production Guitar, Piano, Ukulele & Vocal

Suitable Ages:




No requirements


Principal Tools:

Computer (Win/Mac), Music Production softwares



  • Brief lesson about music production guided through creating patterns and bassline

  • Using various software editors and synths to create, edit and arrange the song and instruments

  • Learn to mix and use effects

  • Export and share your mix with the world

Class Size:

1-4 students​

Course Length:

4 weeks​


HKD 2,000

Program Schedule:

Please inquire by writing to

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