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Integrated Music Learning & Maker Kit

DIY Maker Kit:

Ukulele + Amplifier + Music Learning App

This is an affordable, educational boxed solution for music integrated STEAM learning in schools, classrooms, makerspaces and other educational environments. It includes a Ukulele, an Electric Amp, and a subscription to music-learning mobile app Monster Chords. Easy to assemble and learn, perfect for ages 9+!

  • A DIY kit to build your own electric ukulele

  • Build and customize your own amplifier

  • No soldering needed at all! Just follow the illustrated step by step instructions

  • Learn how to play music with your digital learning app, Monster Chords!

  • Kits come ready to assemble, perfect for classroom use!

DIY Ukulele

Includes all components to build a real ukulele! When fully assembled, the ukulele can be decorated into a personalized, fun and easy to learn instrument! Thanks to the output jack, you can plug the ukulele into any amp and really electrify your performance!

DIY Amplifier

Contains all necessary components to build an electric amp! Includes all electricals, no soldering required!  Step-by-step illustrated instructions. Kids can customise the body to create a personalized electric amp that can be connected to any device that has an output jack.

Bonus: Monster Chords, the smart music learning app!

Monster Chords is a KOKOA-certified mobile app that gamifies the music learning process and makes it fun and addictive! Learn how to play the ukulele or guitar with this smart app that listens to you play and provides real-time feedback! FREE subscription included with the STEAMusic bundle!

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