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Digital Art
Lesson Plan

Digital Art: Photoshop Course for Kids!


This course is a digital art foundation course designed for children age 8-12.


In this course, students learn basic knowledge and skills essential for digital drawing and design. Working with Adobe Photoshop, a popular software used by professional artists, students are introduced to the basic working methods and techniques in digital art and design. Through integrated lectures, demonstrations, exercises, and hands-on projects, students will develop their own portfolio that demonstrates the depiction of art elements. Research tools, analysis of work, and critiques are also emphasized to help students develop ideas and think creatively.


This is a beginner class suitable for those who have no prior drawing experience. We have simplified the approach to using Photoshop by focusing on tools and their results, rather than focusing on teaching the software. Kids are immediately using and creating digital art, with Photoshop, from the get-go.


The first 3 lesson plans of this Photoshop course are free to download. Check out the details on Teachers Pay Teachers!

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