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Center Law

Center is Senior Edtech Product Manager at Outblaze, where he has worked to develop and publish mobile games and educational apps which have been installed by hundreds of millions of people from all over the world. He is also and a tinkerer and toy-maker with a serious passion for robotics.

Before joining Outblaze, where he has been for the last several years, Center worked in a variety of positions as a toy designer, art director, animation director, game developer, and upcycling product designer. He is a multi-talented and interdisciplinary “maker” who fashions his own toys and other products for small markets and consignment stores. Robotics and continued learning are Center’s greatest passions: he earned certification from the Georgia Institute of Technology in robotics and is currently taking online courses from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to advance his knowledge. He has a degree in Digital Graphic Communication from Hong Kong Baptist University.

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