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Tyson-Ritesh Subedi

When he was seven years old, Tyson-Ritesh Subedi heard his father strumming a classical guitar, and he was immediately hooked. From that day on, Tyson taught himself how to play guitar by listening to music legends like Carlos Santana, Dire Straits, BB King, Joe Satriani, Eric Clapton, Bob Marley, James Taylor, Jimi Hendrix, and many others.


Later, as a young adult and musician, Tyson caught the attention of Dr. Rob Taylor, a musician with a Ph.D. in music who was fascinated by the young man’s self-taught ability with the guitar. Dr. Taylor became Tyson’s mentor, teaching him the philosophy of music and encouraging him to further develop his skills. Dr Taylor immediately understood that Tyson’s self-taught ability was the result of a deep-seated love of music, and he encouraged Tyson to share his remarkable method of music acquisition by teaching others.


For more than a decade, in addition to being a musician and guitarist in a band, Tyson has shared his passion for guitar playing with countless students, both adults and children. His success boils down to one core principle: that music is supposed to be fun. At the Dalton Learning Lab, Tyson teaches children to love music and play the guitar and ukulele in a manner that emphasizes creativity, self-expression, and fun, instead of mindless repetitive practice.

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