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Yat Siu

Chairman & Co-Founder, Animoca Brands; Founder & CEO, Outblaze

Wednesday, December 11 • 14:30 - 15:10

Technology evolves at a fast pace, and AI and robots are increasingly prevalent across society. Studies suggest that new technologies will dramatically impact industry and jobs. This trend is already well underway: even today, nearly half of all jobs are at risk from automation.

As seasoned professionals, it is our duty to prepare the next generation for the future - and our future will be (inevitably) dominated by tech. We can prepare young people by promoting their empathy, creativity, and divergent thinking - 21st century skills that are unique to humans (and not found in robots and AI). We have to remain keenly aware that advances in technology mean that young people today are growing up in an environment that is radically different from ours. Additionally, the ways that young people interact with technology are substantially different from the experience of previous generations, leading us to express concerns about safety, health, developmental issues, and a lack of understanding/rapport between generations. We need to be engaged in the activities of the young people from an early age, and take the opportunity to learn and explore technology together in a safe and positive manner.


Calvin Chan
Blockchain & IoT Coding Instructor, Dalton Learning Lab

Thursday, December 12 • 11:10 - 11:45

As announced in the 2019-20 HKSAR Budget Speech by the government, $500 million will be deployed to implement the IT Innovation Lab in Secondary Schools in the coming three school years, in which 'Blockchain' is mentioned as one of the technological aspects.

Dalton Learning Lab is going to present how to make teaching Blockchain to student possible, by enriching teachers knowledge on Blockchain and providing Blockchain solutions for classrooms.

Latest digital tools will be introduced, including MetaMask Mobile, Ethereum, Blockchain Network, and Scratch 3.0 Extensions.

What will be included in the presentation:

  • Blockchain basic, market value, market contribution, blockchain in real world

  • How to let student to setup their own blockchain wallet easily using Metamask Mobile

  • Create and manage crypto-currency

  • Smart contract, FT and NFT

  • Making their own smart contract with Scratch 3.0 Extensions

Expected learning outcomes:

  • Acquire a basic understanding of blockchain

  • Demonstrate the concept of blockchain with real world examples

  • Leverage the solution to assist teaching blockchain in classroom


Center Law 
Senior EdTech Product Manager, Outblaze & Dalton Learning Lab

Regina Lee
Digital Art Instructor, Outblaze & Dalton Learning Lab

Friday, December 13 • 13:45 - 15:15

When students lost their interest and motivation to learn, can you turn a traditional lesson into a fun party to engage them in the joy of learning again? In this workshop, teachers are invited to help each other to design a learning party for their students on a difficult concept or knowledge they always feel frustrated about.

Teachers will be guided to apply the design thinking process to gamify learning, develop, prototype and test ideas for any games or any other kind of activities that can be included in an innovative learning party.

  • Experience lesson planning immersively with the design thinking process.

  • Prototype with art and craft materials.

  • Inspire each other about how STEAM can be taught with unplugged activities.

  • Learn how to integrate other low-cost technology to reinvent learning.

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